Thinking Past Your Immediate Excitement

(Situation one): You have just received a collectable directly from the person who created it, perhaps an autographed photograph, maybe a painting. You are excited and satisfied that the collectable is genuine, afterall, you saw the person sign the photograph or paint the work of art.

(Situation two): You have just purchased a collectable from a business or another collector whom you trust not to sell you counterfeit items. There may or may not be a letter or some other form of purported verification of genuineness accompanying the item. You are excited, happy, and what the hell, you trust everybody.

It is now ten years later and all you have is a photograph with a signature or a painting with a frame. The tattered verification letter, from someone that cannot now be found, is looking less and less convincing. How do you prove to the next buyer, your grandchildren, or the IRS (when you donate it to a charity auction and try to deduct it) that your collectable is genuine, when there is no longer anyone around?
The Answer: Start Now. Contact RAI.

How do you benefit from using RAI?

For owners, sellers, and buyers, contact RAI and you will receive:

  • Certainty in an uncertain world. Peace of mind that the intrinsic value of your collectable is protected. You now have proof that your collectable is what you claim it to be. The authentication is guaranteed with the "RAI Court Guarantee".

  • Increased value of your item and a faster sale time. Your collectable has greater marketability and acceptance. People know that they are purchasing an authentic item.

  • Anti-counterfeit protection. If your collectable has any value, it has been or will be counterfeited. The technology is available to anyone.

  • Documentation that is keyed to your collectable and that travels with the item when it is no longer in your possession.

  • Independent means to legitimize and bolster the value of your collectables.

  • Differentiation of your collectable from unauthenticated items in the marketplace.

  • Expanded Options: the ability to sell, trade, give as a gift, or charitable donation.

  • Registration on and tracking through The Global Authentication Registry and The Private Collection Registry. Ability to inventory and organize your collection.

What do we deliver to you?

Our services provide:

  • Collectable authentication with anti-counterfeit numbering.

  • Lasting written documentation keyed to your collectable.

  • A permanent electronic,written, and photographic archival depository for your collectable and its history.

  • The "RAI Court Guarantee". See the "Contact Us" page for details of this guarantee.

  • The Global Authentication Registry and The Private Collection Registry. Registrations listed from other authenticators and manufacturers, if the item is properly authenticated and numbered.

  • Public access to The Global Authentication Registry to authenticate your collectable. Collector-only access and privacy with The Private Collection Registry. Written documentation for both Registries when requested.

  • Cataloging and inventory of your collection. Custom repackaging and display on request.

Time and Expense?

Price is negotiable depending upon the collectable's value, type, extent of authentication sought, and level of anti-counterfeit protection, the cost is generally pennies on the dollar. It is common to have a five-day or less turnaround.


RAI Corporation
An Authentication & Anti-Counterfeiting Company
9207 Arbor Branch Drive #111
Dallas, TX 75243-6308

US - 800-378-6364

RAI Corporation is an independent company and neutral third party that authenticates (provides authentication) and certifies (provides certification) the genuineness of fine art, crafts, manufactured limited edition products, and collectibles. RAI provides car authentication, automobile authentication, auto authentication, and certification for verifiable product claims and general claims. As an authenticator, RAI helps protect buyers and sellers from fakes, counterfeits, replicas and the confusion that they bring to the marketplace. A large part of RAI's business encompasses anti-counterfeiting measures. These measures are necessary because of the ease that technology has brought to counterfeiting. Almost anyone can counterfeit any product or collectible. Collectible is sometimes also spelled collectable with the plural being collectables or collectibles. The dictionary favors both spellings. RAI specializes in authenticating fine art, including paintings, sculpture, pottery, and jewelry. Also RAI authenticates vintage sportcars, including Carroll Shelby vehicles such as GT-350, GT-500, sometimes known as Shelby Mustangs, Shelby Cobras including Shelby Cobra 427 and 289 models, autographs, vintage photographs, and limited craft items, sports memorabilia, pieces of famous places and landmarks. Claims that products accomplish a certain end result or have certain qualities will be authenticated by RAI if the claim can be verified by RAI through sufficent evidence. RAI also specializes in Carroll Hall Shelby collectables and car racing memorabilia, including Cobra, GT-350, GT-500, Shelby Mustangs, Shelby Series 1, and Daytona Coupe racecars. The Shelby 427 Cobra S/C and 289 Cobra models have a large following. RAI guarantees its authentication through the "RAI Court Guarantee". If the genuineness of the RAI authenticated item is ever legitimately challenged, RAI go to court anywhere in the United States to prove and protect the authentication.